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Alan selects beautifully figured maple, ash, walnut, and butternut wood to make each net an individual work of art. All nets have 3 coats of polyurethane with UV filters, and are hand buffed between each coat. Each net is equipped with a brass screw eye at the end of the handle. Personal nets also have a brass D-ring for attaching to a vest. The canoe and boat nets each have a row of inlaid markers, made from contrasting wood, to be used to measure your fish.

All of our nets are outfitted with lightweight rubber bags either clear or black, weighing little more than mesh bags. They are completely hook proof, fish friendly, and dump water well. A vigorous shake of the net will practically dry the bag. Clear bags are an additional $5.00 and are not available on the 57R.

We generally have all models in stock and orders can be filled the next day. 

 25R  The oval shape and deeper rubber of this net is perfect for the serious catch and release fisherman.

Hoop dimensions:  9.5"X 16.5"  Length  25"

       25R  $75.00


27R  This large personal net has a rounded hoop shape and deep lightweight rubber bag.  It will work well with a kayak, float tube, or when wading.  This net is our favorite for large brook trout.

            Hoop dimensions:  11" x 17"  Length  27"
                             27R  $85.00


28R  This is a large personal net with a lightweight rubber bag.  The hoop size and shape will accommodate large fish and works well with a kayak, float tube or when wading.

Hoop dimensions:  9.5" x 18.5"   Length  28"
28R  $85.00

33R  This net is the perfect canoe net.  The rounded hoop shape, slightly longer handle, and lightweight rubber bag makes a very popular and useful net. 

Hoop dimensions :  11 x 17    Length  33"
    33R $90.00

42R  This well proportioned net works well out of a large canoe or small boat.  The large hoop will handle a fairly large fish and the lightweight rubber bag is hook proof, fish friendly, and dumps water well.  Inlaid wood markers measure fish up to 20 inches long.

Hoop dimensions:  13" x 19"    Length 42"
    42R   $100.00


57R  Our largest net with a lightweight rubber bag.  Hook proof and fish friendly, this net has become a favorite with our local Maine guides.  Inlaid wooden markers measure fish up to 30 inches long.

57R   Hoop dimensions:  15" x 23"     Length  57"
   57R     $145.00

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A picture showing the inlaid wooden markers for measuring fish.

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